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ONE LAST SHOT Release Video for “Slitting My Throat On My Own”

ONE LAST SHOT Release Video for “Slitting My Throat On My Own”

One Last Shot

CREDIT: Ron Bonk

Just in time for Halloween, the horror-infused punk/screamo band One Last Shot has a released a spooky video for their single “Slitting My Throat On My Own” which was chosen by fans to be One Last Shot’s newest single.

I’ve gotten to know a lot of our fans through social media and shows, and we asked them what song they wanted for the next video, and they all wanted, ‘Slitting My Throat on My Own,” Vocalist Jeremy Romance said. “We try to involve the fans and keep them a part of everything if possible. We also wanted to just have fun with this video and not be as serious as usual because Halloween is one of our favorite seasons.”

The video was shot by Steven Ransiear and the comes from One Last Shot’s latest concept album The Death of a Poet & All of His Friends. The “Poet” character is loosely based off Romance’s own struggles with life and death. At age 17, he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that has no cure and requires daily medication in order for him to stay alive.