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ONE WEEK STAND – ‘Scratch’ Album Review


One Week StandOne Week Stand, from Coventry UK, have just released their album ‘Scratch’. Influenced by bands such as Green Day, The Clash and SLF, One Week Stand play a mixture of old school punk mixed with ska and classic pop-punk.

The title track Scratch brings an extended and powerful introduction to a fairly abrupt halt as the vocals kick in a mellow vibe that evolves into an angst-ridden section before a mellow vibe returns and onwards the song progresses. It is almost epic in scope full of twists and turns and I loved it!

The second song of the eight on this album, Stick Around opens with some group singalong style vocals accompanied by a chunky set of chords. The lead vocals are ever so slightly out of tune adding to the authenticity of the kitchen sink drama lyrics. It’s great fun with some serious punk rock chops as the song drips in power and pathos.

Don’t Wanna Miss You takes on a Caribbean reggae vibe with brass instrument backing the sad lyrics. On Four Months, One Week Stand amp things up with a chunky riff, pounding bass and pile driving drums to create pop-punk party only to be brought down by the explanation of a broken relationship (we were still smiling here in the office!)

As we enter into the second half of the album, One Week Stand deliver Transitions, an acoustic guitar and plaintive vocal is genuinely moving. The military drums and brass instruments add to the atmosphere of bleak sadness – seriously good stuff!

The trumpets sing out to introduce A Day In The Life before the bass takes over with a menacing riff that leads to punk rock noise that is superb. The lyrics cover the absurdity of day to day existence all combining for over five and a half minutes to produce a corker of a song!

The penultimate track, Tear Us Apart slows things down a little with acoustic and electric guitars mingling with precise drums and plaintive vocals channeling Morrissey and focusing again on broken love/relationships.

This truly superb album concludes with Your Last Song. The Stone Roses-esque introduction had me hooked immediately. The lyrics are excellent and the build of the song is truly grand. For me, One Week Stand have released one of the top albums of 2017 full of indie/pop/punk sensibilities and more hooks than a heavyweight bout.

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