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OUR SOULS – ‘I Might Drink Myself To Death’ Review

OUR SOULS – I Might Drink Myself To Death

Our SoulsOur Souls are a DIY punk band from Leicester, UK and have just released their first EP, I Might Drink Myself To Death that was recorded in a ballet shoe factory and the front room of a terraced house. The band recorded, mixed, and released the five-tracker last month and it kicks off with 45 where the band careen down the highway at 150mph and deliver a skate-punk/pop-punk song with a DIY edge that just adds to the authenticity and grit.

This Is In G, This is For The Hustlas is where some melodic chords rip out above background drums, prominent bass lines and gritty, harmonious vocals. Our Souls have melodies and hooks to spare and the movie clip introduction to Another Five Days helps set up a brilliant punk rock effort that has a rawer edge, a faster pace and an urgent atmosphere in a street punk type of way and the restrained middle eight section juxtaposes well with the energy of the rest of the song…good stuff!

The forty-three seconds of Gundrug are as good as any I have heard urging America to give up its addiction to guns set to a punk rock backing and then the EP closes with Post-Funny, a lengthy four-minute plus track that feels a little more polished than the prior tracks.

Our Souls deliver melody, soaring guitar licks and honest as the day is long vocal delivery as they close out with a post-hardcore epic that shows that these folks have a great deal to offer and are one to watch for sure.


You can grab I Might Drink Myself To Death by Our Souls here: