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OXYGEN THIEF – ‘Confusion Species’ Album Review

OXYGEN THIEF – Confusion Species

Oxygen ThiefIt’s been just over four years since the release of Oxygen Thief’s second album, The Half-Life Of Facts, and the world has changed a lot in that time. In fact, a lot has changed since Barry Dolan started the project in Bristol, England back in 2006, and the eleven tracks of Confusion Species are the sound of him trying to make sense of it all.

The album opens with the powerful, edgy and clashing End Of The Peer Pressure where urgent vocals compete with some huge riffs and rhythmic lunges. The lyrics are clever and challenging and invite you in to contemplate the point of view being expressed and the song is a real winner. Atheist Dior is a rollicking romp with some powerful punk rock chords, booming bass guitar and mosh-pit inducing drums crafting a sound somewhere in the region of Therapy!

On Uncommon People Oxygen Thief go full on math-punk with some complex rhythms driving forward the serrated riffs and Art Brut/Future of The Left style vocals that are spoken/sung and Troublethink takes the approach to a further extreme by speeding up and driving forward with urgency. Suspension Bridge Of Disbelief is set to a monster riff that explodes into view and competes with bass and drum segments and plaintive female backing vocals to produce a Nirvana-esque rocker that we just loved!

The clever word play with song titles continues with Rubbish Life Is Modern and the song is a complex display of songwriting with those aforementioned math-punk tendencies prominent throughout and I Used To Be Elephants is a head banging riff fest full of power and precision. On Lost In The Post a dirty bass guitar sets up a rolling staccato riff and a melodic chorus as the track powers along with some excellent lyrics whereas Graffiti; Irony; Lists is a pounding, striking rocker with some excellent interplay of the three musicians.

The penultimate song of the eleven is You Snooze, You Lose and this one rocks out with energy, urgency, pace and some truly awesome sections of raw power and it sets up the closer, Practice Makes Perspex where the band leave it all on the field with a super pummelling drum driven track with some terrific lyrics and ripping guitars. Wow!

Confusion Species by Oxygen Thief will be available at all usual retailers on the 16th November 2018 through Xtra Mile Recordings.


Check the album out online here: https://oxygenthief.bandcamp.com/album/confusion-species-2