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PALMERSLUM – ‘Bloodhounds’ EP Review

PALMERSLUM – Bloodhounds

PalmerslumYet another band to emerge from the creative hotbed of talent in Melbourne, Australia, Palmerslum will release a fresh new EP on August 18, 2017. Since releasing our first single Mcadam, the band has been generating a buzz and have received some very positive feedback receiving radio play.

Opening up the five EP Bloodhounds with the simply excellent, Bus Stop, the band channel both Fugazi and Bad Brains with a pulsing beat and a strained guitar that threatens to break loose at any moment. The song just demands your attention and it certainly got mine.

Drainer starts with a pounding drum, soon joined by a booming bass and, after a brief guitar riff, simply explodes into a raucous garage punk rocker that surprises throughout – there is nothing formulaic about these folks!

The excellently titled Satan’s Pool takes a different direction with a restrained guitar, drum cymbal and sorrowful vocal bringing back memories of Kurt Cobain himself. The song builds to a powerful headbanging track worthy of another Nirvana mention!

McAdam turns on the after burners, reminded me a bit of Gallows with its all out assault and super vocals. Great track! The band conclude this superb EP with Iphone a churning, chunky and eclectic song with a little bit of cowbell! Palmerslum display a great variety, energy and creativity on an EP that you simply mush get your hands on and ears into!

Check out Bloodhounds by the truly terrific Palmerslum here: https://palmerslum.bandcamp.com/