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PANZERCROW – ‘Nightmare Returns’ Album Review

PANZERCROW – Nightmare Returns

PanzercrowPanzercrow is a solo project of Finnish horrorpunk band Scarecrow’s front man, Jack13. Scarecrow hails from Finland, from small town named Hyvinkää.

Jack13 states that: “I wanted to make a simple, dark and eerie album and I think this is it”. The ten-track album opens with Akeldama – Fields Of Blood where a fast paced beat supports a compelling guitar riff and growled lead vocal. The track features some Ramones like riffs as well as some dark and heavy sections and some soaring segments with backing vocals – it is somewhat epic in scope and delivery!

On Black Wizard another four-minute plus song develops into a pounding metal/punk track with some serrated guitar riffs and engaging riffs. The sound is somewhere between Metallica, Antisect and Motorhead and that works for me!  B.A.T.S. is shorter, faster, darker and more urgent throughout whilst Nightslashers is even faster and more aggressive. The melodic keyboards and female spoken voice that introduce Burning Angels sets an eerie tone that is exacerbated with the deep “Leonard Cohen after a bottle of whiskey” spoken word male voice. The song explodes into a mid-paced anthem like song full of pain and anguish.

Dying Is The Name Of The Game is a goth-punk anthem with huge walls of sounds and it is followed by the title track, Nightmare Returns where Panzercrow show some punk rock credentials with a raucous riff fest, stop/start segments and some serious power! Sticking with the horror theme, Return Of The Living Dead is a straight forward metal punk track and is followed by the mid-paced and powerful, Another Song Of Vincent Price.

The album finishes with Bone Collector’s Song and the mellow opening of laid-back guitars and a hi-hat beat and keyboards join distant, whispered vocals. Lasting over five-minutes, the track introduces keyboard strings and maintains an admirable restraint throughout to channel Nick Cave.

This is one heavy and different album full of power and dark metal-punk crossover tracks. You can listen to Nightmare Returns by Panzercrow  here on Spotify:



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