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PARANOID CATS – ‘Thought Control’ Album Review

PARANOID CATS – Thought Control

Paranoid CatsThe French duo, Paranoid Cats recently released their second album, Thought Control and it’s a cracker. Opening with the Royal Blood/White Stripes-esque Come To Me the rocker is full of fuzz, male/female vocals, heavy licks and some great drumming. The track also reminded me of Southampton trio Band of Skulls.

The fuzzed bass intro to the title track Thought Control leads to a slower yet powerful rocker with a nod to the blues and the Paranoid Cats explore some tempo changes throughout the four-plus-minutes. On I Am My Own Monster, the duo marries some complex rhythms with a full on blues-punk-rock noise fest! L.A. 70’s had me reaching for the early Led Zeppelin albums with the added keyboard helping to create a head-banging extravaganza of a song – loved it, really loved it!!

The nine-track album reached the halfway point with Nothing Is True, where they deliver a blistering punk rocker with a Rudimentary Peni vibe (and that’s a compliment!). The six and a half minutes of Numb Dans Naked provides a respite with a hazy guitar, slower drumbeat and Lou Reed style vocals. The band adds power choruses to make sure you don’t drift off into an ecstatic slumber – just a terrific track.

By now, it should be clear that I am falling madly, deeply in love with the Paranoid Cats and You Can’t Win with it’s cats meow tinged start seals the deal with a monster riff, drum roll sections and urgent vocals. The penultimate track, Witches starts with one of the dirtiest bass sounds I’ve ever witnessed and progresses to a head-banging drum fueled number. The vocals are echoey and back in the mix as a foreboding atmosphere builds and builds.

The final song, The South (featuring Estelle Mey) delivers the French singer belting out some majestic vocals over a raunchy rock backing with a great keyboard to add to the psychedelic garage punk ambiance…oh yes!

Get this one folks, you will not be disappointed. Visit the Paranoid Cats here: https://paranoidcats.bandcamp.com/album/thought-control