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PASTIMES – ‘Keep it on The Outside’ EP Review 

PASTIMES – Keep it on The Outside 

pastimesHailing from the small town Danvers in Massachusetts, Pastimes bring and angsty and heartfelt blend of punk/emo with nods to the post-hardcore scene. Despite their youth, the East Coast rockers brandish an impressively technical sword, seamlessly darting between influences and pulling through with a fluent and highly accomplished release; the combination of sounds ensuring that their rookie offering is not only honest and thoughtful but also wholeheartedly infectious.

Opening the four track EP with some feedback that leads to a complex choppy guitar chord and drum interchange, What’s Left Here engages with melodic vocals fully in the emo category – think My Chemical Romance and you’ll be approaching the sound of Pastimes.

The second track of the four, Glass Mind is a more hardcore track but has a softer side with melodic vocals and an insistent wall of sound that threatens to overwhelm with its sheer power.

On Hemisphere Pastimes show a mellower side with a softly strummed intro and melodic vocals but, the track builds and builds nicely to launch into a power chord extravaganza replete with math-punk rhythms and emotional vocals.

Last up is the one minute and sixteen seconds of Repress where the band again open with a soft guitar, slower beat and vocals that sound like they are recorded under-water. The guitar lick then spirals around and around as the vocals scorch the throat. Powerful stuff!

Listen to “Keep it on The Outside” HERE.

Pastimes is:
Adam Comer – Vocals & Guitar
Adam Spaziani – Bass
Chris Ponder – Guitar
Jericho Grillo – Drums


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