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Peter and the Test Tube BabiesRecently banned from entering America due to some criticism of Trump, Peter & The Test Tube Babies have released their new album, That Shallot. The veteran punk rockers have certainly not lost their signature sense of humour but have added an edge that produces some Oi!/Punk greats.

The opener, In Yer Face is a powerful Oi! terrace chant classic with a powerful chorus and some excellent guitar work. The working class accents are on full display with the melodic C U Next Tuesday and the full on group vocals add to the overall drunken mosh pit feel of the song.

Non Of Your F*****g Business opens with a Cock Sparrer like guitar riff and channels that band (maybe with a little Sham 69) throughout. The group vocals add to the lyrics which has a message amongst the fun around the subject of privacy – there’s even a neat brass backing to add to the overall rollicking fun.

There are 14 tracks on the album but only one is less than two minutes and most are way over that length. The three minute forty seconds of Wrong begins with an eerie wailing guitar and builds into churning rocker with gravel throated vocals and is followed by the excellently titled Silicone Beer Gut. The song is a sea shanty/folk ramble with violins, female backing vocals and very funny lyrics. Youth Of Today is a vicious commentary on todays youngsters with some great humour on display!

Peter & The Test Tube Babies are a fun punk band but there is a layer of serious commentary beneath the lyrics and the musicianship is excellent throughout as displayed on Say What You Want. The band blend UK82 punk with Oi! and create a fresh sound for 2017. On Tramp Killer the brass section returns as the band channel The Cramps before going full on James Bond theme tune parody with female lead vocals and it works! The melodic guitar lick that introduces When Girlfriends Attack merges with some plaintive piano and lyrics that bemoan “being in the shit” with the other half.

The laughter at the start of Wasted Youth leads into a fast paced punk rocker with some monster riffs and a bass/drum driven section all supporting the storytelling lyrics. It is followed up with the superbly titled, Crap Californian Punk Band where the song title speaks for itself and the group vocals drive home the point of a certain band (or bands) “selling out.” The acoustic guitar and plaintive vocals that introduce Honesty where Peter takes a swipe at an ex-wife before the band launch into a great riff and 17 Red continues to display the variety with a menacing drum backed vocal storytelling intro that builds and builds with dissonance throughout as the lyrics focuses on hitting the number on the roulette wheel.

The album closes with Pissedenstein where the band give a nod to their past drinking exploits with a corker of a song that features the gravel throated vocals, melodic guitar and pounding drums. It’s a fitting end to a fun album.

Check out Peter & The Test Tube Babies here: https://www.testtubebabies.co.uk/