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PIRATE COPY – ‘Swashbuckle & Swagger’ Album Review

PIRATE COPY – Swashbuckle & Swagger

Pirate CopyBritish punkers, Pirate Copy will launch their debut album, Swashbuckle & Swagger on the 26th October.  The band gave Punk Online an exclusive track by track breakdown in their own words just before album launch. You can also watch a couple of their excellent videos there too – read it here>>.

The band manage to combine raw UK82 punk with some rocking and rolling sea shanty melodies and it is a dynamic mix on display on the album opener, Legends Of The Afterparty. The band hail from Cornwall and have built a growing reputation for their powerhouse gigs and they are known for their spirit and fun and drunken anthems such as Reckless Alice which demands an arms aloft in unison involvement from the listener.

All Drunks On Deck! is the third song of the twelve on the album and it builds into a barnstorming track with Dead Man’s Dance a rambling power-ballad with an aggressive edge like Stiff Little Fingers meeting The Men They Couldn’t Hang J

The live favourite, Somalian Pirates Suck is a brick shithouse of hook laden, melody infused punk rock that just wallops its way into you head and I Ate My Mate is a rumbustious and really funny sea shanty with a Peter & The Test Tube Babies vibe. Pirate Copy mine the seafaring theme further with Outlaw Pirates with an Offspring style riff whereas Water, Water Everywhere is a chunkier, faster, slower, chaotic ditty that will have you spinning around the dance floor in a circle pit frenzy!

On Kicked Out Of The Pub the cascading riffs and pounding drums support an anguished vocal and rabble rousing chorus and The Crew is an Oi! style terrace pleaser replete with backing vocals and a “don’t fuck with us” lyric. The penultimate song, I’m On A Boat clocks in at just under five minutes and it’s a cracker of a punk rock tune with dueling vocals and a crashing melody that just demands that you get involved….oh boy this is good stuff!

The album ends with Punk Rock Pirates and it is a fitting conclusion to a corker of an album with pummeling drums, Slade/Sham 69 like guitar riffs, booming bass licks and a fun set of licks that had us twisting our way around the office as the overall sound reminded us of The Business at their boot stomping best.


Folks, this is one superb punk rock album…grab Swashbuckle & Swagger by Pirate Copy by following these links :-




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