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PIZZATRAMP – ‘Blowing Chunks’ Album Review

PIZZATRAMP – ‘Blowing Chunks’

pizzatrampWelsh band Pizzatramp have just released Blowing Chunks on TNSrecords. From the brilliant opening track CCTV (is that a Discharge track?) they are in your face with fast paced punk rock. It’s fast, exciting, very well produced and had me wanting more. Slick Witch takes on a more hardcore approach from a vocals perspective although musically it owes a lot to American punk a la The Casualties.

The band sure know how to rock and Pollyticks literally launches at land speed record pace before slowing for a churning chorus and then back to a great verse structure underpinned by some superb bass work. I loved this track as it exhibits some intricate and tight musicianship and song writing talent!

There are 15 tracks in all on Blowing Chunks and this gives the band ample space to demonstrate their versatility. On Two Dogs Six Legs, there is a Rage Against The Machine atmosphere whilst Fuck ‘Em is more Napalm Death – Pizzatramp are heavy!

The band are garnering a lot of positive reviews for their live shows and I can only imaging what the mosh pit is like for songs such as Pizza Slut – a punk rock powerhouse played at breakneck speed. Town Clown is in your face aggressive punk rock whereas Scumbag Boogie takes the aggression up another notch (just when you think it’s impossible).

The title track, Blowing Chunks is one of the standout tracks with a fantastic guitar introduction that underpins the choruses. By now I have Pizzatramp pinned as the bastard child of Discharge and Offspring! And this is displayed on Piss Smasher and Three Kills You’re Out where the vocals sound like Dexter but the backing is hardcore punk – not devoid of melody but more muscular. Choruses Are For Cunts is the penultimate track and, as the title suggests, it takes no prisoners with a terrific bass fuelled approach. The album ends with Petrol Chicken where some slurred, drunken spoken word and bluesy vocals are backed by some harmonica – it’s strange!



This is what Pizzatramp had to say about the album: “Our new album is out on November the 11th, and has been long awaited and anticipated following the excruciating period of time since the last one, about 6 months. Featuring absolutely no progression whatsoever, the new album is once again full of short rants about the world around us, cunningly disguised as songs about drugs and pizza. Everyone should buy this album, because 1. It is wicked. 2. It is cheap. 3. It has a good cover. 4. We are better than every other punk band in the world, except Wonk Unit, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man and Grand Collapse.”


The album is out on CD on the 11th November with the vinyl coming a month later.

The album is available to pre-order now from the TNSrecords webstore on green vinyl and CD.






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