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PIZZATRAMP – ‘Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan’ Review

PIZZATRAMP – Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan

PizzatrampTNSrecords have brought together four Pizzatramp EPs on a new record to showcase the band. The album, Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan Plus 13 Songs features their most recent EP on side A with a compilation of the best tracks from their first three EPs on the other side. It is available on random coloured vinyl and will be released on the 19th Jan.

The title of the record plays homage to label mates Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man as well as hardcore legends Fugazi. This records follows their first TNSrecords release Blowing Chunks. This rapidly sold out as Pizzatramp romped across the UK making a name for themselves in the underground scene.

The 23-track album opens with the manically paced punk rockers, Duvet Mover and Rag And Bone. With their Peter and the Test Tube Babies song titles and aggressive punk rock approach, Pizzatramp are a marvelous concoction that do not disappoint. Beast continues the pace with a big bass guitar riff, chunky chords and those throat defying screamed vocals and a big chorus to boot. My Back’s Fucking Fucked is 200mph punk rock like the Toy Dolls hooking up with Discharge to produce a barnstorming hardcore effort. They continue the momentum in a style similar to Oakland’s Kicker with The Idiot’s Guide To The Internet.

On Blind Fingers Washington, a Black Sabbath introduction just explodes into even faster punk whilst the fuzzy bass intro of Dominate, Distory sets up another piledriver of a punk track. Pizzatramp are not afraid to hit hard and to continue with the punches on Social Chlamedia and Gipping In The Parsley both of which maintain land speed record pace.

The band remind me of a 2017 version of UK82 chaos merchants Disorder and Chaos UK with Dead Nan P’s and Ciggy Butt Brain unrelenting in their pace and power. This doesn’t mean that the band does not try out different sounds with street-punk and Rudimentary Peni style churning guitars showcased on Chunderbus and big bass guitar on Emmy The Chemist. The band also show a creative interplay of instruments on Claire Voyant and the lyrics do remind me of Olga with a social commentary throughout.

Tramp Life, Crakula and Booze Kruise all clock in under two minutes but each has a different punk rock approach from all out speed to chunkier, churning tracks. On Photo Wanker the sections of what I can only call “punk jazz” are joined with punk rock chaos and on The Lurg we are treated to 44 seconds of atonal punk rock attack.

With 46 seconds of sheer pace of Taxi Cunts Fuck Off it is amazing how much Pizzatramp pack into each song and the nod to Dead Kennedys at their fastest is both amusing and clever. The Shredder and Charlier Don’t Surf both clock in around 90 seconds and they are both powerhouse punk rockers that are a tight as a gnats arse. Ending with Bono’s A Fucking Cunt the band neatly wrap a bow around a 24 track monster package and this one is a sure fire encore for those live gigs!

Get Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan by Pizzatramp here quickly before it sells out :




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