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PLIERS – ‘Staffbeersport’ EP Review

PLIERS – Staffbeersport

PliersPliers hail from the eastern end of the Ukraine but they relocated to Kiev after Russia illegally invaded their region. The band created this single by taking three songs from different periods of their life and combining them together.

The first song, He Cnexy barges into earshot with a booming bass guitar and then drives into a theirty-seven second hardcore punk romp with great backing vocals and some significant power. Next up is NNBOwith a ska beat that builds and builds and builds to a melodic punker with chanted vocals hitting the spot.

The band closes the EP with Tbi Obuna Npaaa, and the punk/reggae sound brings back fond memories of Serious Drinking as Pliers create a ska verse/punk chorus approach that had me stomping the boots around the office.

Proof that the spirit of punk is as global as ever and an antidote to powermongers everywhere.

Check out Staffbeersport by Pliers below:- https://plierslocalgang.bandcamp.com/