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PLOMB – ‘At Ease!’ Album Review

PLOMB – At Ease!

PlombPlomb (which translates to “Lead, the material) are from Paris, France and they claim to play “punk/post-punk highly influenced by the likes of Crisis, Flux of Pink Indians.”

Their new eight-track LP, At Ease! is about to be released on D-monic label, on Sept 21st. The album opens with the disconcerting, pulsing, stripped back Daddy’s Gone Mad with manic vocals, rhythms reminding me of Wire, Magazine and even, Joy Division. The dark, vocals are supported by spiraling guitars, eccentric keyboards and a steady beat.

Up next is the title track, At Ease where a slow, ominous bass lick sets up a “see-saw” vocal that adds to the atmosphere of discomfort and the song builds to play on the anxiety of the listener as the lyrics describe the singers own unease.

The band are creative and craft atmospheric songs full of builds, changes of direction and pace and with Cup Of Tea the angular guitar, bass, drum interaction creates a rhythmic approach as the song reminds me of The Poison Girls and their unique approach. On Electric Sheep, the angular guitar riff sets up a song that draws on elements of early Joy Division as the synthesizer adds to the bleak atmosphere and deep-toned vocals. The bass guitar is prominent throughout the album but especially so on Death Row where it helps create a dark, danceable vibe with emotionless vocals adding to the gloomy approach whereas Parted Minds takes on a similar yet more DIY slant albeit with the rhythms intact!

The penultimate song, Genuine Smile is a five-minute trip into the area of Crisis and Kraftwerk with an ominous build to a great climax. This intriguing album concludes with Twenty Seven, another lengthy track with a slightly heavier approach featuring the robotic vocals, steady beat, neat guitar riffs and sporadic synths all combining to craft a dark and brooding song.

The band will be playing a release party gig with Crisis on September 21st in Paris and a more extensive tour starts in November.

Check out At Ease! by Plomb here: https://plomb.bandcamp.com