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POG – ‘Little Trophies’ Album Review

POG – Little Trophies

pogPunkonline.co.uk recently caught Brighton’s POG live as they supported Swill Odgers of The Men They Couldn’t Hang on the South coast…we were very impressed with their swashbuckling folk/punk approach and are delighted to review their new album, Little Trophies.

Gut Punch Then The Kiss opens with a soft accordion, violin and then acoustic guitar leading to some melodic vocals and we’re off with a plaintive folk song with excellent clean production and a slow, steady burn towards a violin and drum infused beat driven track full of intricacies and interplay of multiple instruments across four and half minutes.

On Home Movies POG add some clarinet (I think) and punch it up a little reminding me a little of a Celtic romp but the band are melodic story tellers exhibiting a certain restraint and channeling the folk version of Chumbawamba.

Smell of Teatime is a ballad supported by multiple instruments and delivered with a plaintive and sad vocal. POG are clearly enjoying the room provided by multiple band members and instruments and have crafted some simply wonderful songs such as the beautiful The Balloons with it’s violins being joined by a marching drumbeat – I simply loved this track. Fossils of the Mind ups the pace slightly with a more straightforward punkier drumbeat and it leads into the albums title track, Little Trophies where the very English lyrics are accompanied by a slow waltz beat – it’s a superb song.

18 Days again takes thing up a notch in terms of tempo and the next track, The Architects goes a stage further with a full on Gogol Bordello style romp and POG showcase a song that will be a crowd pleaser when played live.  The penultimate track of the ten song album, Three Bridges takes us in a different direction with a more menacing keyboard treatment backing some gloomier vocals and it builds into a beat infused song that is one of my favourites on the album.

POG close with Rage, where the melodic music and vocals lead to a simply sublime chorus – it’s a fitting end to a sophisticated set of songs well recorded, well produced and well constructed throughout.

If you like your music full of story telling, folk ballads with a uniqueness in delivery, POG are definitely for you…they’re different and they are bloody good.

Get Little Trophies, check out POG and get tour dates at their excellent website here: