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POOTIE – ‘Man Pig’ Review

pootieSince 2013 a 16-year-old multi-instrumentalist currently living in Florida in the US has been working at recording the album Man Pig.

It’s an eclectic set of songs that betray the DIY nature of one person playing a number of parts and reminded me a little of the punk folk anarchist Jeffrey Lewis and his 12 Crass Songs release.

The album opens with Volunteers Return in a Year, a track that reminded me of D&V on Crass records back in the day with drums and vocals the only sounds. Next up is A start at the Dinner Table, which feels like 4 or 5 songs, stitched together in the 5+ minutes of actions. Drums and vocals remain prominent but a driving bass line and some nifty guitar work are added and work well as the song changes tempo from a slow chugging riff to the faster bass driven verses.

Pootie self describes the album as ‘weird’ and there are some strange changes in the songs that keep the listener off kilter. These changes are apparent throughout on songs such as Little Boy and What Would They Think with the latter starting out with some mellow acoustic guitar speeding up and then slowing down again with some melodic overdubbed vocals – it’s clear that a lot of time has been taken in the writing and recording of these songs.

Although a few songs clock in less than 3 minutes, most are much longer with Seven Was My Song in New York lasting a full 7 minutes 35 seconds. Layering atonal acoustic guitar over a forceful drum beat, the song takes on many directions and most of them are pleasing.

The album is available on Bandcamp and is well worth a listen if you like your music eclectic, heartfelt and different. Pootie shows a great deal of songwriting and recording promise on this debut.

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Volunteers Return in a Year
  2. A Start at the Dinner Table
  3. Little Boy
  4. What Will They Think?
  5. Wall
  6. No Right for Wrong
  7. Sand Spur
  8. C.B.
  9. Seven Was My Song in New York
  10. Crackerspew
  11. Two More Years





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