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POPES OF CHILLITOWN – ‘Work Hard, Play Hard, See You In The Graveyard’

POPES OF CHILLITOWN – Work Hard, Play Hard, See You In The Graveyard

Popes of ChillitownLondon-town Ska-Punk-Dubsters, Popes Of Chillitown return in 2018 with their thirteen-track third album Work Hard, Play Hard, See You In The Graveyard, set for release on May 4th 2018.

The album opens with Prang which is a wide ranging four-minute plus ska, hip hop and punk track full of energy and beats. The lead single, Get Off/Get On is now available to stream and download through all online platforms and it moves along to pacey ska beat replete with some prominent brass led sections and melodic vocals. There is a hint of Jaya The Cat throughout the album. Vexed is driven along by a booming bass and tight drums that produce a fast-paced ska effort with a relaxed and brass driven middle reggae section.

Popes Of Chillitown show another side to their creativity with the ska/reggae imbibed No Manners In Ireland with a unique guitar lick and they follow it up with Graveyard where dub and Hip Hop mingle with an eclectic backing. The midway point of the thirteen-track album is straddled by the ska-punk Upside Down and brass driven The Last Elephant.

On Mr. Piotr the pace is increased, the guitar riff more muscular but the hooks and melodies are still prevalent and they are present again on the tempo changing What A Guy with faster ska juxtaposed with slower reggae for almost five-minutes. Inner Peace is a super reggae infused track with some hard-hitting socially conscious lyrics and continues to explore different tempos throughout as does Take Control.

The penultimate song, Lego Prisoners enters with some heavy dub bass and drums and a plaintive wailing guitar. The pace builds to a brass section driving the melody and some angrier vocals. The album concludes with Culpa, a five-minute plus vocally driven song with rapped/sang lyrics, ska-punk-reggae backing and it brings a super fun and competent album to a very satisfying climax.

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