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Post-Punk PANIC PRIEST Releases New Video ‘Die Divine’

Post-Punk PANIC PRIEST Releases New Video ‘Die Divine’

Panic PriestPost-Punk/Darkwave project Panic Priest releases the video for his new single Die Divine.

Die Divine is the latest single off Panic Priest’s self-titled album which was released earlier this year on Negative Gain Productions. Vocalist/Multi-Instrumentalist/Composer Jack Armondo explains the meaning behind Die Divine.

Die Divine is a song about choice and seduction. It’s about weighing one’s internal desires against their better nature and making self destructive decisions in a very conscious manner. It is also a bit romantic, like people who are fated together in this turbulent situation. I think the video treatment as directed by David Gall captures the songs themes of choice, struggle and release perfectly, while adding his own layer of interpretation to my lyrics.

About Panic Priest 

Death. Sex. Doomed Romance. These three simple phrases define the sound and thematic presence of Panic Priest. The musical project of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jack Armondo (of “dark pop” outfit My Gold Mask), Panic Priest is centered around Armondoʼs deep, crooning vocals while weaving together electronic drums, dreamy guitars and synths. Panic Priest creates midnight melodies that wonʼt soon leave your memory as dawn breaks.

Panic Priestʼs debut and self-titled illustration to the world saw itʼs release in May of 2018 under Negative Gain Productions and was mixed and recorded in part by Adam Stillson of the electronic/shoegaze project New Canyons. Armondo crosses boundaries as he offers a host of technical skill by blending the likes of Darkwave, Post-Punk, and Synth-pop into one unique melting pot. The album also features guest contributions from members of such acts as WingtipsNITE, and Airiel. Throughout 2018 Panic Priest has been busy with regional tours, even going so far to appear as an official SXSW artist in Austin, .