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POSTSCRIPT – ‘Postscript’ Review

postscriptAustralian punk band Postscript have recently released their self-titled album which is influenced by the 90’s skate punk scene.

Made up of Jess, Luke, Michael and Chem, the band started as an idea in Luke’s bedroom to write and record some punk rock tracks in order for some kick arse vocalists to record to. It quickly became something more and not content to sit on these songs as just a project, Luke moved forward quickly to enlist some help in getting the band off the ground. Jess came through luck, a meeting via Facebook. Michael, a mutual friend of both Luke and Jess, joined shortly after. Chem the final piece came sometime later. The boys all known to each other found it hard to practice due to being spread across the state, but due to technology they grew the band with the help of home recordings.

The album is fast and furious with some rip roaring choruses perfectly demonstrated by the first track, opening with fast guitars before the vocals break in…

“This is me, I live by my own rules, and no apology…”

…’Right for Me’ is all about Postscript doing exactly what they want to do. The chorus is an instant ‘screamalong’, with comparisons to Green Day. This is fine punk music with a melodic twist and as with every good punk band, Postscript must come into their own whilst performing live.

‘Oath of Office’ is another rip-roaring track dealing with conformity to boring office life which, unfortunately, many of us fall into at some point in life. This is proceeded by the best song on the album, ‘Lost Generation’ – three minutes of pure punk pleasure.



The pace is unyielding throughout and although each and every song is worth its own merit I would have liked a little more diversity. After a while the tracks ‘blend into one’ and a contrast would be appreciated. However, if unrelenting skate punk is your thing then you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Postscript do offer a change in direction though on the final track ‘Not the Same’. After the initial three minute slog and the now obligatory gap on an albums final song, we are treated to a heart-warming piano solo!

In their own words…

Poscript are a hard working band already in their first year playing all over Australia, happy to jump in their car and drive 4 hours to play to anyone who will listen”

…so no excuses – get along and see these guys for yourself, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Gaz – Punk Online

Track Listing

  1. Right for Me
  2. Who’s to Blame
  3. Oath of Office
  4. Lost Generation
  5. Twisted Youth
  6. 3995
  7. Blind Faith
  8. Sovereign Borders
  9. Unsocial Media
  10. Question Everything
  11. Not the Same


Get the album for yourself here – postscriptmelbourne.bandcamp.com


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