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GoalsWhat happens when a punk rock vet teams with a newbie for some recordings, and the idea comes to them to get some of his old punk rock compatriots to record with?  Five songs come together quickly and the project #GOALS is born!

The recordings were originally intended to showcase the studio of punk rock guitar vet Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, Punk Rock Karaoke) and his capabilities as a producer, an audio advertisement of sorts.  Rodcore, a personal friend of Greg’s who formerly fronted the band Year of the Dragon (featuring members of Fishbone) was the first to get the call and he then suggested calling some of Greg’s former bandmates in.  Lucky Lehrer (the Circle Jerks’ original drummer) and Earl Liberty (2nd bassist for the Circle Jerks, also in Saccharine Trust and One Square Mile) thought it sounded like a fun idea and signed on for the project.  The name Squishy was originally used for the project as it is the name of Greg’s pet rescue basset hound, who was a fixture in the studio during all sessions, but soon changed to #Goals and the guys set out to track five songs.  The goal to attract future clients was to showcase different styles of punk—from the fast to the melodic to the slow and grungy.

The guys utilized as influences for these sessions work by the Damned, the Buzzcocks and older bands with an aggressive, yet melodic bent.  As former members of the Circle Jerks they wanted to do something unlike that band as there is one CJs, no imitations accepted!  “The idea was to do it old school punk rock style with not too much time invested in recording and mixing,” states Greg Hetson.  “We wanted it to sound good but still have some raw meanness.”

This release, coming in December, will be backed up with some live shows in 2018 and Hetson can’t wait.  “I tour regularly, but I put a little something extra in this one and I think people will love hearing it recorded and dig what we’re going to bring live.  It’s going to be a good punch to the face!”