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primetime-failureOn May 12th, Primetime Failure will release their eight track LP on
Disconnect Disconnect Records. The band members claim to be ‘thirty-somethings’ and they hail from the suburban areas around Bielefeld in Germany.

The music is fresh, full of hooks and melody and demands that dust off that skateboard, put on your cans and get out there shredding. The title track, Home, is a minute, forty-two second pop/punk song with a super guitar hook and some fast paced chord changes underpinning a true West Coast America punk rock vocal. It shows a band who know how to bang out a punk rock tune.

State Of Unrest is heavier, pacier with brief guitar lick respites between aggressive verses. There is a Bad Religion feel to Primetime Failure with tight  playing and clear production and strong lyrics.

On Let Go the tone is happier, more anthem like and a damn great feel good skate punk song that is one of the stand-outs on the album. The songs are short, fast, power packed with each instrument and vocal well played and songs well constructed. Waiting (video below) bounces along whilst Celebrate The Winter is a fun loving and positive track with a musical background to support the sentiment – another standout to blow away the grey day blues!

Pottery Class focuses on a desired relationship that also has a super set of lyrics and some monster punk rock guitar licks! Primetime Failure are simply bloody good and have released a strong eight track album that see-saws between depression and sheer happiness at being alive – the mix works well with Time focusing on dream of something better and then closing the LP with Stuck In The Nineties where the band take on critics of their sound with a fist to the face punk rock pile-driver. Great ending to a great release.

The first single and title track ‘Home’ is streaming now via Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/66UEeRpTfoXjhoeyK0Yqva whilst the album is available to pre-order now through Disconnect Disconnect Records Bandcamp