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PRIORS – ‘New Pleasure’ Album Review

PRIORS – New Pleasure

PriorsNew Pleasure is the new release by Montreal, Canada quintet PRIORS. PRIORS are described by their label as “furiously scrunches together lacerating fuzz riffs, maniacal snare drum abuse, skittish analog shivers, and savagely scared shouting that’s sometimes double-tracked into microchip-loose robot nervousness.”

The album opens with Life Pt. 1 where a steady beat supports a strange synth lick and some excellent fuzzed out guitar riffs to create a sound that has elements of Sisters of Mercy, Killing Joke and Depeche Mode for an instrumental classic. The band kick things up into fast-paced garage rock territory with Got In Me before Nature Boy channels The Birthday and Iggy Pop to produce a rocking and rolling psychedelic punk track full of power.

Provoked has an urgent, barrelling forward approach with some Drenge type vocals and guitars before Sunshine maintains the momentum with a darker, drum-fuelled approach with some neat hooks and melodies and then Lonely Mind ups the ante with pace and angular guitars with discordant segments and echo-infused vocal effects like the Undertones meeting Idles…wow!

The fourteen-track album continues with the blanket of noise of At Your Leisure before Life Pt. 2 reprises the opening track with a shorter, darker atmosphere leading to the punk rock chaos of Bell Ringer with its urgency and aggressive drumming! The drums are a feature throughout and support the echoey vocals and angular riffs of Heart Strings and I’m a Lush provides no rest as it continues to drive home the message with pounding drums, urgent effect laden vocals and fast, choppy guitars.

With Candy Station PRIORS showcase their style with a deeper vocal verse and rip snorting chorus replete with group backing vocals and fast guitar licks and then the penultimate song, Faithful continues where the preceding track left off with another nod to Bristol’s Idles.

The album concludes with the title track, New Pleasure, a five-and-a-half-minute churning track with a sound that crosses Art Brut with the Chapman Family as the choppy guitars drive the vocals forward and extended instrumental sections add to the party atmosphere.


This one is a classic example of the new emerging punk rock sound and you can get New Pleasure by PRIORS here: