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PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN – ‘Disintegrate Me’ Album Review


Professor and the MadmanProfessor and the Madman’s lineup includes co-frontmen Alfie Agnew (The Adolescents, D.I.) and Sean Elliott (D.I.) alongside the rhythm section of Rat Scabies (ex-The Damned) and Paul Gray (current member of The Damned, ex-member of Eddie & the Hot Rods, UFO, Johnny Thunders) The band’s third album, “Disintegrate Me,” is released Feb. 23 on CD/LP/DL via indie label FullerTone Records / Alliance Distribution.

Sounding a little like Rudimentary Peni meeting The Mob and Amebix on a dark night, Professor and the Madman open the album with Nightmare. The track is propelled by some booming bass and drums that lay a foundation for some great guitar work and magnificent vocals throughout the four and half minutes…it is epic in scope and sound and it had me hooked.

Up next is Space Walrus, where, as the title suggests, the band moves into psychedelic Beatles territory. It’s well delivered and played and is a total juxtaposition to the first song making it all the more intriguing. Wishes sits smack in the middle of the first two songs in terms of approach with a 1960s garage guitar introduction followed by a melodic upbeat pop sound channeling The Byrds.

On Faces, the band showcase yet another approach with a chunky guitar riff, prominent bass guitar and upbeat drums all supporting a 1960s style pop/rock vocal. The sound is fresh, hook heavy and approachable and the Oasis like The Mirror is a ballad backed by keyboards leading into Machines. The blips and bleeps of computers sets up a rocker of a song with soaring solo and that garage punk vibe.

Useless has a distinctly early Oasis sound with the vocals channeling Lennon and Liam whilst Demented Love Song is a mellow folky effort in latter day Chumbawamba style! The nine-track album concludes with Electroconvulsive Therapy where that Beatles/Garage crossover sound is explored with a great vocal/lyric. It’s a fitting end to a fresh, clever, listenable effort throughout.

We enjoyed this one. You can listen to Disintegrate Me by Professor and the Madman here:  https://www.primemovermedia.com/professor-and-the-madman