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PROJECT REVISE – ‘Songs That Sound Like Songs’ Review

PROJECT REVISE – Songs That Sound Like Songs

Project ReviseSongs That Sound Like Songs is the debut E.P from Redditch, Worcestershire UK punk rockers Project Revise. The E.P was released in December and the band is made up of members from A Poetic Yesterday and State of Ember.

The opener, Tie Me Down is a big and powerful punk rocker with elements of Blink 182 and Sum 41 in sound. The guitar work is superb and the rhythm section as tight as a gnats arse! The lyrics are delivered with two vocalists interplay with tuneful approaches and the whole package made us sit up and take notice – you will too!

Three Long Years opens with a heavy bass and has a harder edge with Dead Kennedys style guitar licks, big choruses and pounding drums throughout with a massive middle eight! The five track EP hits the halfway point with Every Time Breaks where a serrated guitar introduces a powerful, melodic skate-punk standout with a few twists and turns that keep things very interesting indeed.

The second to last effort, Take A Moment is a cascading and spiraling guitar driven track with a pop-punk feel and it sets up the closer, Fire Burns Out. The monster riff that follows a percussion driven opening is awe-inspiring. The bass remains prominent and powerful throughout and this is one hell of a track in the spirit of New Found Glory.


Check out Songs That Sound Like Songs by Project Revise here: https://soundcloud.com/projectrevise/sets/project-revise-songs-that-sound-like-songs-ep/s-AsCzW