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PROJECT YOUTH – ‘Middle East’ Album Review


Project YouthHailing from Turkey, Project Youth have just released a cracker of an album called Middle East. With a UK82/Oi feel throughout, we love it! The opening song, Project Child explodes out of the gates with some Buzzcocks style vocals backed by strong punk musicians where the bass is prominent and the guitar work up there with Jake Burns and early SLF!

Homo Sapiens harkens back to early days of punk and reminded me of the aforementioned Buzzcocks and Freedom Fight has a distinct Oi! flavor in The Business/4 Skins vein. Soru Israreti (Question Mark) is a Clash style melodic punk rocker and it is followed by the title track, Middle East, which harkens back to the Sex Pistols with group backings and a Rotten-esque lead vocal!

On Sharia Hurts Project Youth take on the religious indoctrination topic with a raucous rocker and they follow it up with Television where a brief clip of a quiz show is replaced by a superb extended guitar introduction that had us pogoing around the office!

The band return to Turkish lyrics on Bitli Piyade (Lousy Infrantry??) and a more straight up punk rock approach. The penultimate track, Cold Cage, is a terrific effort in the spirit of Cock Sparrer and leads to the last song, Take Down The Leaders with a strong bass led intro and a shout of “Take Down The leaders” is the cue for an Anti-Pasti style UK82er. This is one good punk rock album!


Check out the excellent Middle East album by Project Youth here: https://projectyouth.bandcamp.com/album/middle-east