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PRONG – ‘Zero Days’ Album Review

PRONG – Zero Days

prongProng release their new album, Zero Days on July 28th after a self-prescribed hiatus. The opener, However It May End is a colossal track full of menace, melody and machine gun drums as well as some monster riffs! The title track, Zero Days continues to attack with some hardcore/metal vibe with intricate time shifts, air guitar inducing solos and an epic chorus.

Prong have had their share of headline tours and well received albums and this one is a great addition to the library. The third of thirteen tracks, Off The Grid seriously puts the foot down on the accelerator for a mosh-pit inducing frenzy and the follow up, Divide And Conquer is the perfect compliment with a head-banging riff and melody infused chorus.

The excellently titled, Forced Into Tolerance channels Metallica and Motorhead to pile drive its way into your skull – loved it! Interbeing brings some terrific guitar riff work to the fore and a tribal drumming had me thinking of Killing Joke. On Blood Out Of Stone, a slower beat, swirling guitar and melodic vocal combine to deliver a different and more accessible sound before the band make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck with a giant chorus. Prong are made to be played loud, very loud with the terrific Operation Of The Moral Law powering along and The Whispers more anthem like in approach with a super guitar lick and a prominent bass supporting the melodious vocals!

Self Righteous Indignation channels some sludge-punk and is followed by the riff heavy Rulers Of The Collective, another accessible track ready for some alternative radio play.  In keeping with some great song titles throughout the album, Compulsive Future Projection is a superb hook laden track in a Nine Inch Nails sort of way.

The album ends with Wasting Of The Dawn where that Killing Joke vibe surfaces again with a rhythmic guitar, pounding drums and super vocal delivery. Prong are the real deal – tight, varied and interesting throughout.  Check out Zero Days here http://prongmusic.com/