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Punk for Pam 2018The ever popular PUNK FOR PAM festival is back for 2018 and will be spread over two days at two separate venues.

Confirmed to play next year are The Exploited (which will be Wattie’s first show since being forced to take a break from touring due to ill health), Peter and the Test Tube Babies, GBH, Infa-Riot, Drongos for Europe, Control plus many, many more.

Lots of people don’t know the full story behind the gig or what it’s all about so here we go:
Pam Blyth the sister of Colin (Jock) Blyth the guitarist of GBH was a well known and loved member of the punk rock community in Edinburgh. She was diagnosed with HIV in the early 80’s and sadly lost her long battle with the disease in September 2011.

Waverley Care based in Edinburgh is Scotland’s leading providers of support for HIV patients and also own and operate Milestone Hospice in Edinburgh. They provided extensive care and support to Pam and the whole Blyth family throughout the years of her Illness by providing both a safe haven staying in the hospice and lots of support and advice in the outside world.

Since 2012 Punk For Pam has raised almost £15000 and counting for waverley care.

Get more info direct on the Punk for Pam Facebook page.