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PUNK ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! PIRATE COPY – ‘Swashbuckle & Swagger’ Album Notes

PUNK ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! PIRATE COPY – ‘Swashbuckle & Swagger’ Album Notes

Pirate CopyTrack By Track

Unruly punk rock crew PIRATE COPY have given us an exclusive track by track breakdown for their new album, Swashbuckle & Swagger, which is out on Friday 26th October, via Black Sail Records.


Legends Of The Afterparty:

This is another song that sums up our insatiable party mentality. Many a Pirate Copy gig has ended up going long into the night in a debauched fashion, and this song pays tribute to all those that join us at the after party! With a T-Rex inspired solo, what more can you ask for?


Reckless Alice:

A few years ago, a woman called Alice went on a massive bender in Torquay, stole a ferry, and declared herself a pirate, free from the authorities on shore! She then immediately crashed into a load of moored-up boats, trashed everything in sight, and got arrested. A fairly spectacular misadventure, a legit true story, and too good to not write a song about! Watch the video below.


All Drunks on Deck:

Since the departure of ‘Finger’ the Cabin Boy, it had been a while since we wrote a song that included any considerable guitar solo. Johnny Danger took it upon himself to put an end to that streak when Captain Kernow turned up to his house with a fresh set of lyrics. The result, a catchy and tongue-in-cheek tune with lots of supernatural references! We hope to see this new tune become a live favourite whilst we ‘pass that bottle around’ with all who come to party with us. Check out the lyric video, here –



Dead Man’s Dance:

The lyrics for this song were inspired by a real-life public execution in 17th century London, vividly described in ‘The Pirate Hunter’, Richard Zacks’ biography of Captain Kidd. It’s the reality many pirates faced in the end, but for many, even the threat of this grisly fate couldn’t outweigh the lure of the sea and the call of a life of piracy.


Somalian Pirates Suck:

It was inevitable! There just had to be a song calling out our contemporary piratical rivals! This was the toughest song on the album to write though – the reality of Somalian piracy seems like a hard, desperate life, so we had to walk a fine line. Some sort of nautical beef absolutely had to be started here though – you need some better tunes as well if you compete with us lads!


I Ate My Mate:

More traditionally subject-matter for Norwegian black metal bands, cannibalism can also fit a light hearted punk song! The lyrics were written by none other than good friend of the band, and esteemed music journalist, Dick Porter (AKA ‘Dirty’ Dick Scratcher) from our garage-punk mates Bastard! The song focuses on eating our old guitarist ‘Finger’ The Cabin Boy, all the ways to cook and consume different parts of a pirate and, as the chorus reminds us, the indisputable fact that “an edible friend is a friend to the end…”


Outlaw Pirates:

Many people see our beloved Cornwall as an idyllic rural area, but between second homes pricing out locals, a lack of jobs following the collapse of traditional industries like fishing and mining, and pockets of intense poverty, the Duchy has many problems hidden by the postcard-perfect image. A 21st century revival of piracy isn’t so far-fetched under these circumstances. A rare, sort-of-serious one!


Water Water Everywhere:

This song was created at a time when everything we wrote seemed to involve us playing at a break-neck speed. This song started off no different, and has one of our faster paced verses throughout, but in an effort to mix things up a bit, we went for a half-time chorus which ended up working really well. A live classic, one that we all love to jump around to whilst playing, and another song about rum, drinking and getting rowdy! There seems to be a theme developing here….


Kicked Out The Pub :

Written after a particularly eventful gig in a local pub that often just books carbon-copy cover bands, this song perfectly sums up our “fuck you” attitude towards the music scene’s status quo. We’ve never shied away from confrontation, and between invading the Wetherspoons across the road to round up a larger Crew, having a full blown barney with a landlord who hated our stage show, and Johnny D drunkenly scaling their roof a few weeks later, this was definitely one of those occasions. We don’t do half measures, and yes we’re still barred.


The Crew:

This was the very, very first song we wrote! On our first practice in the local village hall, our fleeting guitarist ‘Mad Dog’ Andy Walsh left a huge impact. With a bellowing chorus hook, this song instantly became a live favourite. After Finger was devoured (purely in self-defense) we discovered it didn’t really work with just one guitar, but when requests were still regularly being shouted from the crowd years after it had been retired, we knew it was time to revamp a classic.


I’m On A Boat:

One of our all-time favourite songs to play live, and a definite crowd favourite! Originally penned by the awesome Lonely Island as tongue-in-cheek look at the ostentatious excesses of the more materialistic brands of hip-hop lifestyle, we’ve taken it to it’s natural conclusion as a balls-out, in-your-face punk song! We always end the song live with a couple of false finishes and a double time outro, which pushes everyone into warp speed.


Punk Rock:

Being a pirate punk rock band is a bit of a double-edged sword – we have a lot of fun, but The Punk Rock Elite have informed us that we’re in violation of their very strict rules on what is and isn’t punk rock. Seems they’ve missed out on a lot of our favourite bands, so we thought we’d give ’em a little lesson on the subject.


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Many thanks to Pirate Copy for supplying us with this track by track exclusive and thanks to Garry at SaN PR for organizing it all.






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