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Punk Post Punk Memorabilia & 51% rights to “Lost 4th PiL album” to be auctioned at London’s Punk4MentalHealth Festival

London, UK. Majority interest in the “Lost 4th PiL album” Commercial Zone 2014 to be auctioned to raise money for mental health research conducted by London-based psychologist Dr. Joel Vos aka “the Punk Professor” at the Punk4MentalHealth festival 27 – 31 March 2017.

Punk4MentalHealth will be comprised of a series of events to occur throughout London including live music and a reading from the DIY book “I was a Teenage Guitarist 4 the Clash!” at the legendary Dublin Castle 29 March 2017 and an art exhibit and auction of rare Clash/PiL-related punk post punk artifacts at the Underdog Gallery 31 March 2017. Mental health talks and DIY presentations are also planned.

Background on Commercial Zone 2014 a completely DIY project which Kathy DiTondo who is donating her 51% interest in the release amongst other items can be found here:  https://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/apr/22/public-image-ltd-pil-keith-levene-crowdfund-relaunch-commercial-zone-album

DiTondo was at Faust Studios in Prague, CZ working on the Commercial Zone and other matters projects during the final months of her sister Linda’s life and is donating her collection in Linda’s memory.

“Linda who died on 8 April 2015 struggled with depression and bipolar disorder amongst other things. There is no doubt in my mind Dr. Vos will help many in England, throughout the United Kingdom and across the world who battle with mental health-related issues. How I wish Linda might have met him. She might not have suffered as she did throughout her life,” says DiTondo.

Kathy DiTondo

“I have had the opportunity to work with and have gotten to know a number of extremely talented psychologists and psychiatrists in my professional and personal life including those who treated Linda.  None approached mental health the way Dr. Vos does,” she adds.

“Dr. Vos teaches irrespective of the root cause of one’s mental health struggles:  Whether it is due to a disease of the mind or a serious physical condition such as cancer or a personal crisis such as the break up of a family or a financial issue such as being made redundant or the death of a loved one we can still live a parallel authentic, meaningful and satisfying life,” explains DiTondo.


For further information, contact kathy197778@gmail.com




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  1. Thank you Gaz my dear friend for your continuing and unwavering support of mental health charity and the Punk4MentalHealth fundraiser/festival. Hope to see you in London next year!