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Punks DOC ROTTEN are back with a new music video

Punks DOC ROTTEN are back with a new music video

Doc Rotten

CREDIT: Samantha D

The “Noisy Joisey” band Doc Rotten are back with a music video for the boots-and-booze rocker, “Sick & Suffering.” The song is the title track from their latest EP and calls attention to the opioid crisis plaguing the nation, particularly in their poverty-stricken backyard of Trenton.

This song is about trying to help people with addictions of any kind and realizing you can only TRY to help,” says vocalist/guitarist Wes Bentley. “The hard part is always up to them.

Fired up by their love for ‘77 punk, the trio released the EP Sick & Sufferinglast March (read Punk Online review here). Doc Rotten will be touring the East Coast for the next two months before heading to Japan in September.



Upcoming tour dates:
6/16 – Trenton Art All Night – Trenton, NJ
6/17 – Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse – Dunellen, NJ
6/23 – Brighton Bar – Long Branch, NJ
6/26 – The Meatlocker – Montclair, NJ
7/7 – Clash Bar – Clifton, NJ
7/13 – Mill Hill Basement – Trenton, NJ
7/14 – Paved in Beer – Fredericksburg, VA
7/28 – Asbury Park Brewery – Asbury Park, NJ
2018 Japan Tour
9/6 @ nishi-eifuku
9/7 @ hatsudai
9/8 @ omiya
9/10 @ kichijoji
9/11 @ shinjuku
9/12 @ shinjuku
9/13 @ shibuya
9/14 @shinjuku
9/15 @ inage
9/16 @ shin-matsuda
9/17 @ otsuka
9/18 @ ikebukuro
9/19 @ shinjuku
9/20 @ shimo-kitazawa
9/21 @ okubo
9/22 @ kashiwa
9/23 @ shin-okubo


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