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RABID – ‘Frankenhooker’

rabidUK82 punk was a magical time. The bands that emerged in the second wave were faster, angrier, heavier and political. At that time, a few of us would hop on a bus and visit the record stores in Leicester or Nottingham and pick up a record or two. Often the purchase was based on a review in the NME or Sounds or the Melody Maker but, sometimes, it was based upon John Peel playing a new band. One such purchase that I made, based upon the cover artwork and John Peel, was Jubilee by Rabid.  Rabid were one of John Peels favourites in the early 80’s with him playing Jubilee almost nightly.

Rabid were often on the same live bill as the likes of Anti-Pasti, GBH, The Exploited and Discharge. When a bunch of material arrived in the e-mail box from Rabid this week, I was transported back to those heady days of punk.

A new line up of the band reformed 2012 with Grant himself on vocals, Steve Ward on bass guitar, Colin Bennett on guitar, and Gaz Johnson on drums. A new compilation, ‘Bloody History’ was released in August 2013. This year Rabid signed to Underdogz Records — to release ‘Frankenhooker’ Album – followed by a new album late 2016 working title ‘Rabid the hostage years’.

Also in 2016 Rabid are proud to announce that Robber Byker ex of Gaye Bykers On Acid  has joined the band on Bass Guitar.

‘Frankenhooker’ is a 6 track mini album  and we also received 6 reworks of old tracks that opens with an updated version of the brilliant Jubilee – it’s a punk classic and refers to the city of Derby being named a silver jubilee city for the Queen’s 25th anniversary on the throne. Next up is Killer Instinct a faster paced GBH style track with some great guitar work and a singalong chorus that sounds as fresh as anything out there right now.

By the time the third track R.A.T.M. fires up, I can’t help but break out into a big grin – Rabid are back and they are better than they were in the 1980s. They sound current, confident and creative. Rong’Uns has a Sham 69 vibe whilst Assassin had me reaching for the Anti Nowhere League albums. Rabid have managed to bring 1982 into 2017 and those 25 years have seen them build a great new sound.

Call me Mr. C.E.O. and Death Mad Death both rock along at a furious pace and then the title track of the new album Frankenhooker is introduced with some heavy bass and super guitar riff reminiscent of the Cramps. Last up is K N T …(Rabid like songs with initials) …a song that I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret to be honest – I’m sure it’s intended as a criticism of sexist men!

If you want to experience an up to date UK82 punk rock band, get these albums from Rabid.

See Rabid’s bandcamp page here>>>

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