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RADIOSTORM – ‘Age of Thoughtlessness’ Review


All the way from Slovenia, Radiostorm pack a punk rock punch that leave you gasping for air but still very glad of the experience. Comprising of Hubi on vocals, RoGi on drums, TonC on bass and KIEmEn on lead guitar, ‘Age of Thoughtlessness’ is a full throttle, ten track album that proves punk is alive and kicking all over Europe.

‘Social Wreck’ is a fine opener, distortion intro before bass, drums and vocals all strike at the same time. As with many Radiostorm tracks, the pace varies throughout; this is a nice change from ‘one dimensional’ punk albums which can become far too familiar.

Second track ‘Truth’ is another example of mixing things up mid track, from hard-core screaming to a melodic interlude half way through, it just works well it definitely gives the band a more professional feel.

’15 Years’ and ‘The Shadows of My Past’ are two rip roaring punk tracks with fist punching choruses before ‘Last Hope’ reminds me of Austrian band Friegang, distinguished vocals set against a classic punk backdrop of guitars and drums.

Stand out track for me is ‘Future + Past = Present’, a raucous anthem which has your head banging in unison throughout.

‘Age of Thoughtlessness’ is a very accomplished album that deserves to be heard by many more people than I guess ever will but Radiostorm are an acquired taste, just like punk music in general, so let’s hope a few more get the message and these bands get a better hearing.

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Track Listing

  1. Social Wreck
  2. Truth
  3. Consequences
  4. 15 Years
  5. Government Thirst
  6. The Shadows Of My Past
  7. Last Hope
  8. Future + Past = Present
  9. For The Sake Of Society
  10. Misery



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