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RARIG’S KID – ‘Baba Yaga’ EP Review

RARIG’S KID – Baba Yaga

Rarig's KidThis excellent six-track EP ‘Baba Yaga’ (a philosophical look at the rise of Trumpism) from Rarig’s Kid opens with the solo drums soon joined by pounding bass and then the explosive guitars support a superb vocal delivery. Oh boy, this is what punk rock is all about – raw, energy and ear-splitting yet hook laden noise that we love here at punk online towers – The Gate is a classic!

Next up is God’s Cold People where the power chords reminded me of Rudimentary Peni. There is a DIY approach to Rarig’s Kid that creates a rawness that just adds a brilliant edge to the EP. The bass rumbles in the background and the vocals sound alive and live as the drums and guitar propel things along with power and pace.

Creating Comfort (Interlude) provides just that, a plaintive piano melody for one and a half minutes before Can Of Worms kicks in with the drums and scratchy guitar riff supporting some melodic vocals. The penultimate track, Khlysty, changes things up again with an acoustic guitar supporting some soaring vocals – it is a beautiful song made all the more attractive by its surrounding songs!

The EP closes with the four and a half minutes of The Haunted Mere where Rarig’s Kid power things up again to produce a brilliant conclusion to a superb EP.

Creative, raw, melodic, powerful and aggressive…it’s a winner….get Baba Yaga by Rarig’s Kid here: