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RAT PARADE – ‘Our Plague’ EP Review

RAT PARADE – Our Plague

Rat ParadeHailing from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, Rat Parade have just released their Our Plague EP digitally and on a vinyl 7” and it is available through their Bandcamp (link below).

In their own words, “Rat Parade is comprised of a couple brothers and Luke; all three Hamiltonians, longtime friends and fans of rock and roll music. Their long- standing chemistry is evident in their energetic and feedback-laden live performances that will leave your ears ringing and wanting more.”

The four-track EP opens with a garage-punk style Age Of Disinformation driven by a Cramps style rockabilly lick and plaintive vocals.

The band play with some melodic pop-punk on Second Chance but add some strained/screamed vocals and discordant elements as the track just about stays on the tracks despite threatening to veer out of control and the entire package comes across as authentic punk rock. The rumbling bass intro to Worry Eyes sets up a rocking and rolling B-52s meet Fugazi type of sound with some melodic vocal treatment!

The Ep concludes with Distantwhere Rat Parade show a heavier, grungier side to their punk rock with heavy guitars supporting a slightly off-kilter vocal that manages to blend screamed vocals with nihilistic “I don’t Care” attitude.


It’s a fun EP with some edge that you can grab here: