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REBUILD/REPAIR – ‘There Is No Place Left For Me Here’

REBUILD/REPAIR – There Is No Place Left For Me Here

Rebuild/RepairThis trio formed in 2011 in a North Edmonton, Canada basement and they are often described as Edmonton’s first and only post-stoner-skate-sludge act. They recently released the There Is No Place Left For Me Herealbum and it is one powerful effort. With pace, segments of Black Sabbath-esque power chords and vocals that reminded me of Henry Rollins, Rura Penthe gets the album off to an auspicious beginning. With almost no time to draw breath, they launch into the hardcore punk thrash of High Level, a track that we just loved here and then Greybeard adds to the power really going all out Black Flag with agonised vocals.

On Experiments In Neurochemistry Rebuild/Repair slows things down with a melodic guitar open soon joined by fuzzed chords and complex rhythms before the bass guitar from hell helps to usher in a sludge groove that soon gives way to a manic and fast paced guitar solo with the screamed dual vocals joining in to create a truly epic track. Riverboats explores that sludge pace with a slow bass guitar introduction, monster chords that link to wailing short solos and truly anguished vocals as the band lay down an almost six-minute pile-driver.

The heavy metal vibe to Sometimes A Light Shines Through leads to a superb riff as the band deliver a powerful instrumental and then the superbly titled, On Self-Awareness And Being A Bastard Rebuild/Repair churn out a fast and intricate math-punk track with elements of Idles and the Rollins Band.

The 8thtrack of the eleven on the album is Isolated Cities and it is a relatively shorter journey into hardcore punk at just over two-minutes in length and it is bloody angry whereas A Lost Decade continues to hammer away with power, precision and hardcore punk sensibilities. The penultimate song Send For The Man is completely restrained with some jazzy elements in the rhythm and guitar work and the vocals offer a change of approach to the earlier tracks. The album closes with Retreat Into Memory, another lengthy song that encourages interlocking segments with different approaches in a post-hardcore approach but the lingering memory and impression is that Black Flag have been reborn north of the border and we are all the better for it.


You can get There Is No Place Left For Me Here by Rebuild/Repair here:





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