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REBUKE – ‘Wouldworks’ Album Review

REBUKE – Wouldworks

rebukeDisconnect Disconnect Records mark release number DIS050 with a limited edition cassette re-release of their very first release (DIS001). Swedish skate punkers Rebuke‘s classic 2010 album Wouldworks. This will be the label’s first cassette release which also includes a bonus track in the form of a cover of the Propagandhi classic Anti-Manifesto.

Rebuke are currently touring throughout Europe with England’s Darko. (Dates for the tour are here http://www.rebukepunks.com/ ) and the re-release will be limited to 50 copies split between 25 neon yellow and 25 brown cassettes, these won’t hang around for long, so fans of the band better be quick to pick up this limited piece of Rebuke and Disconnect Disconnect Records history.

With 15 tracks, the album is a scorcher, opening with Bartenders & Tarbenders, the band treat us to 93 seconds of punk rock that has a “Fat” punk approach with fast paced drums and multi-vocals interspersed with chord changes a plenty! History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, We Repeat History is a melodic, manic punk rock monster track with some very compact guitar licks, a bass led middle eight break and an anti-war message.

On Wings the momentum is maintained and Wings II – The Bastard Idioms slows down slightly with chunky power chords and that signature vocal that reminds me of the boys from NoFX. Affection, Abandon, Affliction showcases some intricate guitar interplay and some straight up punk rock drumming that drives the song along.

If you like your punk rock played manically fast with consistent changes in direction, melodic vocals, then Rebuke are definitely for you. This is skate-punk at it’s most expressive and you’ll want to get the headphones on as you shred your board! Snow Day hints at some metal/hardcore with a super guitar intro and then launches into another speedfest!

The sheer volume of tracks on the album threatens to overwhelm but a good number are compact sub-two minute songs that have their own personality including His Brittle Faith a power-pop-punk song that is very well delivered! The aforementioned cover of Propagandhi’s Anti Manifesto is a terrific track that concludes a skate-punk tour de force and shows Rebuke to be an accomplished punk rock band.

You can get hold of a copy of Wouldworks by Rebuke here: http://disconnectdisconnect.co.uk/