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REDNECK NOSFERATU – ‘Redneck Nosferatu’ Album Review

REDNECK NOSFERATU – Redneck Nosferatu

redneck-nosferatuFormed in 2016, Tulsa, Oklahoma, the excellently named Redneck Nosferatu took their love of metal, punk, and horror films and hit the music community hard. Earlier this year the band released their first full length album and we just got our hands on it.

The first track, Love & A .45 is a rollicking romp with female and male vocals interchanging over a manically fast and excellently played punk rock backing. The pace and power continues with Papa Kills Babies where a massive riff and speed drums drive forward the throaty vocals – boy these folks are fast!

Father Curtis is the third sub-two minute song in succession and openings with a Demob No Room For You type riff before rocking into a Toy Dolls style manically paced rock and roller – I loved this track! The 4th of the nine tracks does not let up the pace at all as Son Of 100 Maniacs delves into psychobilly meets Discharge territory…I was breathless just listening to it – these folks must tear it up live!

At the half-way point, Dead Girls opens with an acoustic guitar, crafting a western feel, the song picks up the pace and is a stand out on the album with some super male/female vocal interplay and just epic punk rock riffs causing a circle pit in the office! On the superbly titled, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, Redneck Nosferatu showcase some serious punk rock credentials and power through at 100mph never missing a beat. The songs are full of hooks but this is straight up punk rock played well and delivered brilliantly. Silver Bullet is more aggressive with the female vocals as angry as I’ve heard in a while and it’s followed by Stalker where the band deliver on a marching beat fitting the song title perfectly…the track builds and the bass drives in onwards into your skull with a megaphone style female vocal adding to the horror movie vibe.

Closing with Otis, Redneck Nosferatu channel a little Black Sabbath for about half a minute, intersperse with a movie clip and then just launch into a song that will cause many a moshpit injury..epic!

This album sold out immediately and quickly prompted the band to release a 2nd pressing. They have done everything DIY, and will touring the rest of 2017 across the United States. See you in the pit!

Get the self-titled album by Redneck Nosferatu here: https://rednecknosferatu.bandcamp.com/releases