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REEL BIG FISH – ‘Life Sucks…Let’s Dance!’ Review

REEL BIG FISH – Life Sucks…Let’s Dance!

Reel Big FishReel Big Fish was one of the legions of Southern California ska-punk bands to edge into the mainstream following the mid-’90s success of No Doubt and Sublime. The band was distinguished by their hyperkinetic stage shows, juvenile humour, ironic covers of new wave pop songs, and metallic shards of ska.

On December 21st, 2018 the band released their 8th studio LP, Life Sucks…Let’s Danceand it is a positive, fun-filled package of great tracks. The band continue to work hard, playing over 250 shows a year to thousands of loyal fans all over the world and this album will please fans, old and new alike!

The title track, Life Sucks..Let’s Dance opens the album with a bouncy rhythm, engaging brass section and a melodic, fun-filled chorus that will demand dance floor participation with a ska-reggae underpinning adding to the engaging atmosphere! The band have honed their craft over the years, and they can sure play and pen a tune as evidenced on Pissed Off with a skate-core beat, humorous lyrics and huge hooks bringing smiles to the entire office!

The first single to be released from the album, You Can’t Have All Of Me has that early No Doubt vibe with a singalong chorus that will be a belter live as the ska rhythm will have you stomping the dance floor with your new Dr. M’s whereas In Love Again speeds up the beat, adds some melodic backing vocals, organ and a soaring chorus with power, pace and melody to burn!

Tongue Tied And Tipsy Too is a punk-pop-powerplay with chunky riffs, pacey drums and a more aggressive sound all around delivering some fun lyrics and Bleached Thang Baby is a lengthier (almost five minute) song that builds from huge horn section to a rocking/bluesy approach showing another side to the band. Reel Big Fish maintain the faster momentum on Another Beer Song that will enter the annals of great drinking songs whereas Bob Marley’s Toe slows things down to an aptly crafted reggae vibe with some great lyrics and then, Ska Show just rocks the house channelling the likes of The Interrupters and Jaya The Cat.

On The Good Old Days, Reel Big Fish return to a reggae vibe with a prominent organ and brass section and the hooks continue to drive home throughout the track and G.D. Beautiful Day introduces a piano and a Kinks like hook that will have your feet tapping along in time as the positive vibes continue to bring out the smiles. The fourteen-track album continues with the ska-reggae of I Should Know By Now with radio friendly melodies and Caribbean beach friendly beats. The penultimate track is I’d Rather Get It Wrong and delivers an upbeat stomping reggae rhythm and drips with melody and Reel Big Fish wrap up this excellent package with the four minute plus, Walter’s Highlife where Afro guitars mix with brass riffs to produce a danceable party instrumental that we loved all the way to Walter the dogs whines at the end.

This is a great album, full of fun, frolics and frothy ska-reggae-pop-punk tunes and you can get it at all major outlets today!