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reptilians-from-andromedaWe really liked the last EP from Reptilians From Andromeda (see review here https://punkonline.co.uk/reptilians-from-andromeda-sonic-rabbit-hole-ep-review/) so we were excited to receive their new 7″ EP “Doomsday” which was released on 1st of February from Prof Sny Records (Prague-Czech Republic).

Reptilians From Andromeda are a female fronted Garage/Punk band from Istanbul, Turkey and describe their sound as ‘Electrifying alternative rock music that mixes punk, garage rock, no wave, and grunge. Gritty, grimy, distorted, noisy, intense – The sound of the Turkish Underground.’

Well, we put on the headphones with some anticipation and the first track, Doomsday does not disappoint. A manically heavy bass intro is joined by the female lead vocals bringing a Sisters of Mercy atmosphere all the way down to the drum sound but, oh that bass, loved it!

Love Bait is completely different with vocals pushed back a little in Ravonettes style as the Jesus & Mary Chain melody is revved up with a power-punk guitar. The band display a variety of influences combining to deliver a very unique sound.

The third track of the four, We’re Gonna Fight Tonite is three minutes of mosh pit inducing punk rock. We compared the band to early Siouxsie last time and this song is in that vein. The last song is Come On Babe where the Reptilians take on The Cramps with a slower pace and reverb rich guitar lick.

Once again, Reptilians From Andromeda do not disappoint and you can grab yourself a copy of Doomsday here: