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REPTILIANS FROM ANDROMEDA – ‘Groove Overdrive’ Review


reptilians-andromedaOur favourite Istanbul based underground garage cult band, Reptilians From Andromeda are back, with the Groove Overdrive EP, on Cruel Nature Records.

Reptilians From Andromeda hail from Turkey where they have quite a cult following.  Although labelled as garage-rock, their new EP “Groove Overdrive”, lends more to early 80s post-punk and New York no-wave.

From the slightly dissonant and disconcerting, Kiss Me Deadly, the band sound darker than on previous releases with the female spoken vocals adding to the discombobulating atmosphere.

Out Of Reality lyrically describes “hanging on” whilst “out of reality” the song is different with a Joy Division meets Sex Gang Children effect. The song wraps itself around your head and burrows in deep.

On Parallel Lives the Reptilians from Andromeda meld an ambivalent vocal delivery with ominous backing music reminiscent of Sisters of Mercy with a little bit of Portishead for good measure. Sirens In Space continues with the trippy atmosphere with electronic drum, bleeps and blips and a guitar played softly.

By the time the closing track, Dead Rock Star appears, the discordant and dissonant sounds have merged with song structures that are, as the band states, slightly unhinged! The closer is dark, very dark with a constant riff, slow drumbeat and signature vocals delivered in a nihilistic fashion. The entire five song package is unique and marks a step in a different direction for the band.

All were recorded and mixed by the band in Istanbul and mastered in the UK by producer Fran Ashcroft (Pretty Things,The Kingsmen,Lords of Acid). Grab your copy of Groove Overdrive by Reptilians from Andromeda here:


Track Listing

  1. Kiss me Deadly
  2. Out of Reality
  3. Parallel Lives
  4. Sirens of Space
  5. Dead Rock Star




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