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RITES OF HADDA – ‘Witchpunk’ Review

RITES OF HADDA – Witchpunk

Rites Of HaddaRites of Hadda describe themselves as “an anarcho-pagan-gothic-stoner-punk band that formed as the result of a weekly jam night in a North London squat.” They cite tastes and influences from a diverse set of bands such as: Leatherface, Black Sabbath, Poison Girls (anybody mentioning the Poison Girls gets a nod of approval from punkonline.co.uk), Zero Boys, Motorhead and Hawkwind, Howlin Wolf, Fairport Convention, Riddles, Saxon, Cosmic Psychos and Acid Mothers Temple.

The band has been active and gigging for the past three years, and in that time they’ve played with the likes of Active Slaughter, Eastfield, Commie Faggots, Platypus, the Kramers, SLUG, the Dub Righters, Argonaut, Krankschaft and Electric Cake Salad.

Witchpunk is Rites of Hadda’s first proper EP release, recorded at DSI Studios in Tottenham, produced by Tom from Shot! and released late December 2018. The seven track EP opens with the dirty bass lick of From The Blow and that bass remains prominent when joined by guitar licks, pounding drums and a spoken/sung vocal with moments of powerful riffs creating a punk rock version of Art Brut with political lyrics and this works!

On Raven the bass is fuzzy, big and is supported by wailing guitar licks and a slower beat as the track takes on goth-punk/horror-punk vibes with dark undertones and deep voiced vocals and then Keep Buying Things adds an element of the Dead Kennedys with an East Bay Ray lick and sheer hardcore punk approach that reminded me of the best anarcho-punk bands of the 1980s.

The slow bass guitar introduction to Queen Wasp sets up some power chords set to a slower beat with some nods to Black Sabbath and the urge to bang your head is irresistible whilst Drag Me From The Lake has a more ominous atmosphere with strong guitar licks and an overall feel of The Mob and No Doves Fly Here albeit there are some heavy metal like segments. The penultimate track, The Revolution and my Love rocks and rolls with a garage punk foundation with power, anger and snarling attitude!

The final song, Path of Orchids has a psychedelic edge and helps to complete a very good EP indeed.


You can get this one by Rites of Hadda here via download or CD:-