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RIVIERA KID – It’s Not A Matter Of A or B

RIVIERA KID – It’s Not A Matter Of A or B

Riviera KidRiviera Kid is a DIY punk band from Kent, England who share a bass player with Melisandre’s Beaver  (the band that released one of our top 43 albums of 2018). They’ve just released their first EP, It’s Not A Matter Of A or B.

Opening with the intense and powerful, Building A Disco, a screaming guitar lick drives the track as the rhythm section pounds out a strong, headbanging beat and the vocals add to the urgency and energy combining the sounds of the Chapman Family, Idles and Black Flag!

On Black Dot, Riviera Kid a booming bass and driving drum meet a brief guitar lick before the chords rip in and the track explodes into a simply epic chugging punk rocker that will demand that you get down the front and pile in…loved it!!

The penultimate track of the four, Broken Town clocks in at over four and a half minutes and this allows the band to explore some math-punk elements, although they soon give way to some of the most powerful hardcore punk heard since Black Flag tore up you speakers and the melodic vocals add a layer of finesse that helps to show the full power and scope of the brand – this is good stuff folks!

The EP ends with Break Free, Stay Free and the booming bass guitar ushers in a tight lick and smashing drums channelling Black Sabbath and Fugazi to see us home in fuzzed out punk rock bliss.

You can get It’s Not A Matter Of A or B by Riviera Kid here:-