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RMBLR – ‘Territory’ Single Review

RMBLR – Territory

rmblrAtlanta based RMBLR (pronounced “Rambler”) feature members of Dino Boys and former members of Sleigh Bells and play very old style almost proto punk which is reminiscent of the Ramones and the New York Dolls. They release their debut 7” single ‘Territory’ on February 17th so we decided to give it a spin.

The first track ‘Cannibals’ is very much a rock n roll tune that is raw, noisy, and full of attitude. The production is dirty sounding and has a rebellious streak running though it which means that although it is very retro sounding it is quite relevant to the times we currently live in.

RMBLR are a new band on the scene with Chase Tail (vocals/guitar), Alex Hagen (guitar/vocals), Jason Boyer (bass) and Jake Berry (drums) who were all previous members of the touring line-up of the Dinos Boys. Half of the band hail from Baltimore and the other half from Atlanta.

The four track single has all the attitude of the late 70’s punk movement and RMBLR could also be classed as a rock n roll band in the same vane of things that predated punk such as the MC5, The Stooges and even some of the very early works of GG Allin spring to mind.

The second track ‘Name Game’ is very Ramones with its 50’s style chorus and surfy guitar sound and recalls images of summer and beach parties and has a youthful feel to it. The third of the four tracks ‘Gelada’ is a little heavier and darker sounding and resembles the aforementioned Stooges and MC5 and feels like a 70’s protest anthem and statement of youth culture and recalls images of being at Woodstock.

The fourth and final track ‘Miracle’ is faster and resembles an earlier hardcore sound in the vane of Dead Boys and Fear and recalls being on the streets of LA and once again being part of rebellious youth movement. It is a good track that feels pissed off and serves as a good antidote to a lot of the crap music of today.

Get a loud of RMBLR here and listen for yourself > https://rmblr.bandcamp.com/