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ROADKILLER – Self-Titled EP Review

ROADKILLER – Self-Titled

RoadkillerAustralian/American musician ROADKILLER has just released her self-titled debut EP on November 16th, 2018. The five blistering tracks are the perfect combination of thrash, metal and punk attitude.

The Philadelphia, USA punk scene has always been defined by house shows and it should be no surprise that the city houses mysterious Australian born guitarist of California Motorhead tribute band Motorbabe, and now front woman of hard-hitting punk thrash heavyweights, Roadkiller.

After an initial burst of live shows, Roadkiller quickly recorded their self-titled debut EP. The five tracker opens with the pounding Zenobia where heavy riffs and soaring solos are propelled along at pace by some excellent drumming. On Burner, the band slow things down a little with female vocals competing with some chunky riffs and intermittent solo guitar runs and heads will be banging when the needle hits the grove on this one whereas Dead Or Alive maintains the slightly 1980s Motorhead vibe with another metal/punk crossover effort.

Up And Let’s Go puts the pedal to the metal and roars along like a finely tuned superbike with some serious pace and the closer, System Hits delivers a menacing mosh-pit pounder with some excellent riff work. If you like your music with a nod towards Megadeth and Motorhead, Roadkiller and this EP are for you.


You can grab this one here: – https://roadkiller.bandcamp.com/releases