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ROPE – ‘Come Closer Now’ Album Review

ROPE – Come Closer Now

RopeRope are from South Wales and their second album, Come Closer Now will be released on July 6th. The band features ex members of Goodtime Boys, but claim to sound a whole lot more like Lungfish.

The first of the six tracks on the album is the bass driven Every Good Boy Deserves Food with discordant guitars and shouted/growled vocals reminding me of fellow Welshmen, The Future Of The Left with a hint of Half Man Half Biscuit in the overall delivery. The vocals belt out a story as the music is supported by a slow pace with the bass present throughout…it is almost six minutes of a challenge.

The eight minutes of Exit Interview open with a slow, slow beat and angular guitars before the anguished screamed/sung vocals kick in and the restrained approach is maintained before the guitars kick up a gear and the noisefest becomes slightly more urgent albeit in a grindcore fashion. The length of the songs allow Rope to explore variations on the themes with soaring instrumental sections throughout.

Human Resources is, by comparison, relatively short with Nick Cave style vocals over that slow beat with intermittent and repetitive guitar licks creating an off-kilter ballad with the follow up,  Manoeuvre a bit more up beat with some heavier sections to accompany the Art Brut style approach.

The penultimate song, Port Talbot is over nine and a half minutes in length and returns to the slow, slow, slow beat with discordant sections full of saxophone, crashing cymbals and raw power all reminding me of Beefheart even with the spoken word segment. The album concludes with the five-minute plus The Rope with melancholic piano and plaintive vocals slowly building to an epic ballad.


This one is clever and worth a listen. Get Come Closer Now by Rope here:






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