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rotten-foxesStretching the definition of an EP to nine tracks (albeit three are less than a minute), the Rotten Foxes open with a clip from a movie letting the listener though they intend to get as “Drunk as fuck tonight” before launching full tilt into Smokes Lets Go, an absolute lightning paced punk rock ditty that is both furious and fun at the same time.

Next up is PINTS and its another heavy punk rock track with some dual vocal interplay with a sound that reminded me of Cocksparrer with some Restarts pace…I loved it! Work is 57 seconds of fast and raw punk rock that breaks a couple of times into a chunky rhythm – the band packs a great deal into a short song! Hamburg Hollenfahrt maintains the momentum and adds some melody and that dual vocal approach really adds a unique take and the guitar solo break is excellent.

Half-way through the EP, Methpocalypse is heavy as hell, a real mosh-pit inducing frenzy of a song and, at this point, the Rotten Foxes have convinced me that they are the real deal when it comes to authentic and well-played punk rock. Jimi clocks in at just 37 seconds – simply a raw aural assault and it’s followed by Mullet (reprise) and the band show a more Oi! approach with the vocals albeit, the musical take is more in the vein of the aforementioned Restarts.

Danny Dyer (DOUBLE NAUGHTY RE-TAKE EDITION) builds on the Oi take with a Sham 69 style kitchen sink drama and a ‘fists in the air’ melodic vocal. For me, it’s one of the strongest tracks of the nine. The EP closes with another short (39 seconds) track, I’ve Got Nothing Left (Ian Beale) where the Rotten Foxes scream Ian Beale four times before they leave us with a crying man claiming “nobody loves me” – it’s yet more evidence that the Rotten Foxes don’t take themselves too seriously but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they have recorded a stellar EP.

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