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rotten-foxesThe Rotten Foxes are a very new band from Brighton, having only formed just before Christmas and with only a few gigs under their belt.

They have obviously been mates/practising together for a while as the sound of this first EP is far too polished for them to be total newbies.

With a nod to local superstars (haha) the Test Tubes, who they are incidentally playing with later this year, and a heavy dose of Hard Skin, these guys have a great mix of tight speedy tunes and funny lyrics.

This first offering has four tracks and almost busts the ten-minute mark, well not quite.

‘Danny Dyer’ is first up, who (allegedly) likes nothing more than taking lots of pills and getting off his head, which is more than feasible, nice punchy song with a great riff and a few words from the man himself for good measure.

‘West Street Rats’ is an expose of the Disco culture of West Street in Brighton, typical small-town England bar and club culture hell for the Radio 1 crowd, a song that will resonate with all of us who prefer an alternative lifestyle to the Sheeple of this land.

‘Mullet’ is a thundering track which I was unable to decipher whether it was a tribute to or a dissing of that fabulous hairstyle, but it certainly rocked.

Last up is ‘Crafty Fuckers’ which if I am reading it right seems to be a pop at the guys that we see at most punk gigs, stumbling round and trying to grab a beer/leftovers/dregs from anywhere they can, you all know the ones, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong guys.

This is another gem of a band from the thriving south coast scene that seems to be just a strong as it has always been, nice to see some new names coming through to supplement the old guard, think they have a LOT of drinking to do to match up to the Fish Brothers but I’m sure they are going to give it a try……..

You can get their EP from the bandcamp page on a pay what you want basis, I’d suggest the price of a pint would be appreciated and it is certainly worth it.

Chris – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Danny Dyer
  2. West Street Kids
  3. Mullet
  4. Crafty Fuckers



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