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ROTTEN MIND – ‘Fading Into Oblivion’ Album Review

ROTTEN MIND – Fading Into Oblivion

Rotten MindRotten Mind started in 2015 and hail from Sweden. Their influences range from T.S.O.L. to The Adverts and onto Christian Death. There is a 1980s “goth” feel to the band.

Their third album, Fading Into Oblivion opens with Trouble Child, an excellent hook-laden classic goth-punk effort! The ten-track album continues with the dark title track, Fading Into Oblivion with guitars reminiscent of Siouxsie & The Banshees, Bauhaus and a New Model Army beat that drives the track along with pace and precision.

Next up is Unknown Station where Rotten Mind blend a dominant guitar lick with a pacey beat and bass and melodic vocal to craft a song that would sit well in the arsenal of The Alarm, TSOL and the Sisters Of Mercy. The album continues with the four-minute plus, Years Of Decay where a Cure like guitar lick creates a dark atmosphere and the roaring bass helps to drive a slightly more edgy track along.

The album is well produced and the musicianship excellent throughout as Rotten Mind update the post-punk/goth sound of the 1980s and add a certain sharpness and Lost In Me continues in this mode with probably a hint of The Cure. On New Stories the drums roll and guitars intertwine soft strum chords with cascading licks and some churning chords as the vocals deliver a super melody.

Rotten Mind has been picking up some rave reviews for their live act and I Var Betong promises to be a crowd favourite as the band mines the goth-punk vein a little deeper with pounding drums, chunky chords and a soaring chorus that had the entire office banging their heads in unison. The melodies are engaging, the edges dark and the hooks rain on down relentlessly as this album burrows into your very soul.

Isolated (In The City) is a pacier, punkier production again reminding me of New Model Army meeting The Mission whilst the epic Restless Soul is full of atmosphere, power, dark corners with a booming bass and that “sharp elbow dancing” rhythm – great stuff.

The album concludes with the spiraling Aspirations with a bouncy beat and Sisters Of Mercy guitar lick supporting a strong vocal.

If you like any of the bands mentioned then you’re going to love this one. We did and you can get Fading Into Oblivion by Rotten Mind here:





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