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ROTZAK – ‘Rotzak’ EP Review

ROTZAK – Rotzak

rotzakRotzak (Dutch for “bastard”) were formed in 2016 in Diest (Belgium). Drummer Niels, bass player Jody and guitarist Jo came from a stoner metal band called Ghost of a Bullet. When that band broke up they hooked up with Niel (The Greatest Handshake). From the start, Niel’s voice gave the band a more punk/hardcore vibe. Mixed with the stoner, metal and southern rock background of the other band members, Rotzak quickly developed a unique sound which their self-titled EP displays.

Opening with Sailing The Seas Of Consequence, Rotzak open with a full on hardcore sound and then veer into a melodic chorus and some intricate musicianship that eventually takes a break to slow down before attacking again. The band manage to meld hardcore, punk, math-punk and even some ‘stoner rock’ elements. The package is compelling!

A Series Of Unfortunate Events is a fast paced rollicking effort with throat scorching vocals, tight music and some head-banging pace. Third up of the four tracks is Deathline, the only track that is sub-3 minutes in length and it has a 1990s grunge vibe echoing Nirvana and maybe Tad.

Closing with Light The Flame, Rotzak do not let up at all with the aural onslaught with a bass and drum backing to a mesmerizing vocal that builds into an aggressive rhythmic track full of math-punk twists and turns as tight as you like. Rotzak are a welcome addition to the burgeoning European punk/metal/hardcore family and well worth checking out.

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