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ROUND EYE – ‘Monstervision’ Album Review

ROUND EYE – Monstervision

roundeyeRound Eye are a ‘freak-punk’ outfit based in Shanghai and formed in 2012. They plough a furrow replete with saxophone and in the vein of Captain Beefheart. They released their second album Monstervision on Joey Shithead of Vancouver’s DOA Southern Death Records and they will be hitting the road for a 60+ date European tour.

The album contains nineteen tracks opening with the 41 seconds introduction Joe Bob Bridge 1 where a southern US accent spoken word ‘radio’ announcement sets up Commie Blues a sub-two minute punk rock romp with a super fast drum and it descends into a chaotic middle eight with atonal guitar and noise before returning the full on assault.

Joe Bob Bridge 2 is more radio announcement style intro to Billy where the band again go full on punk rock in the style of the early Dickies. On Sifter Round Eye deliver a slower but muscular punk rock track in the vein of Rudimentary Peni and the sax starts to emerge.

The breadth of the bands repertoire is shown on the 1950s style Tailspin with dissonant guitar and vocals. Pink House is the longest track on the album with a heavy bass introduction and that atonal guitar with megaphone vocals, saxophone and some B-52s vibe.

The Joe Bob Bridges are interspersed throughout creating a concept album feel and after “bridge 7” is Nest where the saxophone is prominent and the track somewhat chaotic but accessible. The album concludes with Crinkle where the pace is slow and the layers deep! It’s an atmospheric track that spirals and churns with a strong bass anchor throughout.

Round Eye are different, jazzy, art-rock with a punk flavor and a sense of humour. You can pick up more on the band here : http://roundeyeband.com/en/